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My goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty in you and the world around you!

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The FAMILY PORTRAIT, as children grow, leave home, get married, have children of their own, nothing brings back the memories like a family photograph.  As parents we might do this for ourselves now, but more importantly we're doing for our children, to have, to look back on, to share with their children and grandchildren.  


All family photo sessions are conducted on location. There is no time limit set to photograph a family.  There is no limit to the different groups photographed.  Groups may include, i.e., immediate family, family with in-laws, individual families within the family, parents, children, grandchildren, etc ...

Included with a family session is a pre-session clothing consultation

A private access online photo album which you can share with family members around the world

Your investment $90

Appointments are available 7 days a week

Contact information ... 507.951.0782 or email andowk@ymail.com

If you have any questions about family photo sessions please feel free to contact me.

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